McHenry County Paranormal Research Group

“Seeking to help those who have passed, and those who are still here”


 E-mail:            Telephone: 815.236.1692


           My name is Tony Olszewski, I founded the McHenry County Paranormal Research Group in 2006, to help both those who have “passed on”, and those who are alive.  Our professional paranormal investigations seek to confirm or debunk the presence of paranormal activity occurring in both private residences, and also public locations. We do so by the use of both scientific equipment and procedures, and by the use of Medium/Psychics


          As a retired police officer with over thirty years experience, I assure that our team apply sound principles of objective paranormal investigation, and correlate our scientific data, personal experiences and observations, to data gleaned by our Medium/Psychic. If our paranormal investigation indicates the presence of paranormal activity, we then seek to determine what type of haunting it is i.e. residual, intelligent, poltergeist etc.


As part of the paranormal investigation, our Medium/Psychic will offer to do a free psychic reading of the client, which can possibly help us identify the spirit, and or the cause of the haunting. Sometimes places are not haunted, but the people residing there are.  We also will make a determination through our paranormal investigation if we believe the spirit to be positive, negative, or malevolent.  If the spirit is negative or malevolent, we can assist in the removal of the entity/spirit by doing a cleansing ritual /smudging of the property. We have been successful in removing such spirits.  In addition; we are very proud to have also been successful in helping spirits who are earthbound to be able to “cross over”.  The client always receives a full report detailing all the data and evidence gleaned through our paranormal investigation.


There is never a charge or fee for any of our services.  The cornerstone of our service is confidentiality and discretion.  All of our team members must sign a confidentiality agreement to be able to work with us, and we sign a confidentiality agreement with every client. We will disclose our findings to no one but the client. Your paranormal investigation pictures, video and audio recordings, and scientific data will never end up on this, or any other web site. In summary, this is not our “hobby”, instead; we believe it to be our “calling”  We serve both northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.    


          Sorry, you won't find: paranormal investigation photos, EVPs, video or audio clips, or even bios about the team on this site. This is not an entertainment site!  What you will find is a sincere commitment to try and help those in need, both living and those who have passed. There are no true “experts”  in the field of paranormal investigation.  There is however a multitude of “schools of thought “ on the paranormal investigation process, many of which are successful, and others that are not so successful. 


        We have achieved our success by combining  the use of the "usual" paranormal investigation equipment to gather data, and then correlate it with the data and insight we receive from our medium/psychic.  It then becomes a matter of  paranormal "checks and balances".  The more levels we layer at the apex of any occurrence, the more creditable and probable a "paranormal experience" it becomes.  Multiple simultaneous scientific data spikes, coupled with simultaneous video or audio anomalies, and simultaneous medium/psychic interaction, equals paranormal activity  .......   For us, it's a simple and basic formula that works. 

**** UPDATE****  Effective 01-01-18 due to my having been diagnosed with Parkinson's medical issues, M.C.P.R.G. is no longer an on scene investigation Team. We will continue as consulting, counseling, and remote reading and cleansing group only. Our mission, beliefs, and commitment to help both Spirits, and Clients remain as strong as ever!


           If you are experiencing any possible paranormal activity, or have any questions or concerns, please contact us.  We will discretely attempt to confirm, identify and resolve any issues that you may have. 


Sincerely yours,


Anthony Olszewski

Founder, Lead Investigator